Evictions Service

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LawTova offers a fast and inexpensive eviction service package to all California landlords. Let an experienced legal team handle your case.

What does our Service package include?

Our Unlawful Detainer/Eviction Package is $389.00 + court fees.

  • Preparation and serving of initial notice.
  • Preparation of the summons and unlawful detainer complaint.
  • Service of the summons and complaint on the tenant.
LawTova evictions service package
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Things that could take place during
your eviction

Not every eviction case is as simple as it seems, there are things that could occur during your case to prolong it. However, LawTova is ready and prepared to handle any of the following possible occurrences.

File a Demurrer:

A Demurrer is a type of answer that a Tenant could file in response to the Unlawful Detainer case. It is used when a Tenant is not arguing the facts of the Complaint but that those facts are insufficient to bring forth an Unlawful Detainer case.

File a Motion to Stay:

A Motion to Stay is filed by the Tenant when they believe they have not been given enough time to move out or are claiming a hardship in having to find a new place to live.

Evade service causing us to have to request a Posting Order from the court:

If your Tenant is purposefully avoiding service, after three attempts we would need to request a Posting Order from the Court. This would allow us to serve the Tenant by posting the document at the property and mailing a second copy. This does give the Tenant 15 days to respond with an answer to the Court.

After winning your case...

We will prepare the judgment and writ of possession, file with the court, and file with the Sheriff to organize the lockout. The fee for this is $625.

Judgment and Writ of Possession

We will need to prepare the Judgment and Writ of Possession and file them with the court. Every County charges for these filings.

Sheriff Lockout

We will then need to take your Writ of Possession to the Sheriffs Department to organize the lockout. Every County Sheriff' s Department will charge for this service.


If you need us to coordinate and hire a locksmith to be present for your lockout we offer that service at the rate of $250.00/per 2 locks.

Monetary Judgment

In order to receive a judgment to recover the rent and fee incurred during this process, we prepare a monetary judgment then can pursue this through a small claims court.